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About Us - Kitchen Renovations, Gold Coast & Brisbane

Instyle Interiors has been in the industry for over 28 years and can design,


build and install your dream kitchen, bathroom, furniture or undertake your


complete renovation. We have an extensive range of styles, finishes,


hardware, lighting and are always using the latest products when they are


released so your home is at the leading edge of design. We are based on the


Gold Coast and only use the highest quality Australian made boards,


laminates, and we exclusively use Blum hardware, both soft-close doors and


draws. We are fully insured and we organize all other licensed trades so your renovation is hassle-free, and we


work to the highest level of quality servicing all areas from the Tweed to





Below are some things you need to know before you meet with your kitchen designer. All kitchen planning should start like this

>  Kitchen Planning Checklist (597,40kb)


Start Zone Planner






Effortless Opening.......and Closing

A light touch on the front using your hand or elbow. Even large and heavy fronts open effortlessly with gravity-defying ease.


Comfortable and easy closing is provided by the easy to reach switch on the cabinet side.

Scan1.jpg - large  Scan2.jpg - large







Plenty of storage space so everything is where it should be

Easy access to contents in the base unit with drawers


Everything at a glance: Clear visibility of all contents with full extensions, and inner dividers tidy up interiors 


Easy opening and closing

Scan3.jpg - large Scan4.jpg - large




Scan5.jpg - large





The sink drawer in the cleaning zone gives you easy access to everything you need and makes the most of the storage space under sinks.


Scan6.jpg - large



Full extensions improve the ergonomics of kitchens. You can pull them right out so you have clear visibility of all contents and can easily retrieve items.






 Small accessories, Massive effect

Scan7.jpg - large Scan8.jpg - large

Scan9.jpg - large




 Innovative and functional storage solutions

       Scan10.jpg - large                     Scan11.jpg - large

                Gourmet Pantry                                 Soft-Line Centre Pull- Out Pantry

         Scan17.jpg - large                                  Scan12.jpg - large


 Rotary Centre Mounted Pull-Out          Slide Corner Swing Pull- Out &

                                                                  Twin Corner Swing Pull-Out Unit





         Scan13.jpg - large                     Scan14.jpg - large

 Waricorner Swing Pull- Unit &                         3/4 Lazy Susan System &

Soft-Line Pull-Out-Under/overhead Unit          1/2 Lazy Susan System



          Scan15.jpg - large


         Wire Pull-Out Shelves with Runners &

                   Ironing Board Pullout Unit


                   Scan16.jpg - large


              Concealed Waste Bin With   

                     Automatic Lid                                         Tea Towell Rail                       


     DSC00725.JPG - large     DSC00719.JPG - large


Hardware images on this page supplied by BLUM and the LINCOLN GROUP